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This is a customizable 2D space background made for Asset Jam 7 while testing Material Maker 0.9 before release.

It provides a background with stars, 2 customizable planet nodes (Earth style, Jupiter or Neptune style), configurable asteroid and galaxy nodes and building blocks to create nebulae (with an example).

Development process

The "background with stars" part is just uses the new Tiler (for smallest stars) and Splatter (bigger ones) nodes.

The "nebula" is built from distorted radial gradients.

The "galaxy" is based on a rotated "Rays" Shape, with rotation controlled by a radial gradient (rotation varies with distance to center, which creates a spiral). Rays are mixed with a star field and a colored Perlin noise before being "spiraled".  The center is similar to the "nebula".

Planets are basically spheres with 3D textures applied and very simple lighting. "planet1" has 2 perlin noise textures (one for the ground/water and one for clouds). "planet2" has 1 perlin noise texture stretched on a axis, then distorted.

Asteroids are spheres that are distorted twice (first distortion for shape, second for details).

All those nodes are configurable and randomly generated (which means that moving the node will modify it unless you lock the seed with the "dice button").

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As with your other upload, would you mind adding an explicit asset license declaration for this?

Wow. I hope i can make things like that when i get the gist of Material Maker.

Material Maker is great. Thanks, Rodzilla.

I bet you'll do much better in no time. Please don't hesitate to join the Material Maker subreddit if you want to show whatever you create and/or ask questions.

That's incredibly cool! :o