A downloadable asset pack

This is a customizable PBR material made for Asset Jam 5 with Material Maker that can be used to turn a stupid cube into a nice looking crate.

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Code licenseMIT License
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crate.ptex 31 kB
crate_textures.zip 617 kB

Install instructions

The crate.ptex file is the Material Maker 0.8 project and contains comments where the material can be configured.

The zip file contains a single set of textures that can be used to directly create a PBR material (some of the textures may have to be tweaked depending on the game engine).


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i need to set the scaling (uv) on a mesh3d in godot to 3 / 2 / 3 but im fairly new to the whole godot thing

In the StandardMaterial resource, just find the UV1/Scale property.

and responsive too hheh, thanksss!! i just discoverd the loadmaterial from site i wont know where to look first this is like the shaders of unreal m not sure if ill have to make anymore myself but godot will be a labour of love for sure , this is great i hope you find the time to continue on it, sadly im not bill gates the supersponsor but ... i also hope you dont sell out lol , anyway, its not my business, but you do have something great here, i wish i could code at that level

Nice! I've tried Material Maker a bit! Nice results here!


Great! Please don't hesitate to report bugs and missing node types or show materials you create!