Material Maker 1.2p1

Due to an embarassing number of regressions reported on 1.2, Material Maker has been updated to 1.2p1. This release is also the opportunity to introduce a new Unreal Engine 5 export target for most material types.


  • Added a new export target for Unreal Engine 5 that generates a python script to automatically build the material inside Unreal. Please note that it is necessary to setup a python path in UE (this is described in the user manual), and the path to the python script is stored in the clipboard when exporting so can easily be pasted into UE's python prompt.
    Here's a small video that shows how easy it is now to export materials for Unreal Engine:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed several small problems in the Export Editor window
  • Fixed a problem that caused the 3D preview to update incorrectly
  • Fixed a problem in the Tones Map node that could cause incorrect shader code generation
  • Fixed a problem in the animation export tool that occurred when exporting graphs with buffers
  • Fixed Histogram panel (not updating correctly) and improved histogram rendering
  • Updated the Math nodes to improve parameters consistency (contributed by williamchange)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Material Maker to crash when entering an expression as parameter in the Text node

Files 36 MB
Feb 27, 2023
material_maker_1_2p1_linux.tar.gz 38 MB
Feb 27, 2023
material_maker_1_2p1.dmg 64 MB
Feb 27, 2023

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Embarrassing regressions are a fact of life as an indie dev. Keep up the good work!