Material Maker 0.7

Material Maker has been updated to 0.7, and includes all features from 0.5 that were missing in 0.6 (blur, emboss and export nodes). And much, much more.

Please don't hesitate to post feedback, report bugs and missing features, and show the awesome materials you create with Material Maker !

Regressions and incompatibilities

Bad news come first, as always:

  • the save format for size parameters changed, so it's likely old projects will not load correctly (all sizes will have to be fixed)
  • the make node editable shortcut is now Control-W (it was Control-F in 0.6). Control-F is now used to find nodes in the library

User interface changes

There are quite a few changes in Material Maker, many of which were submitted by new contributors:

  • Many UI improvements: nice shortcuts to center view, set zoom to 1:1... (contributed by Hugo Locurcio and Jack Perkins)
  • Fullscreen toggle by pressing F11 or Alt+Enter, remember window position and size (Hugo Locurcio)
  • Many preview improvements: better looking 3D preview, a new button that controls rotation, the object and the camera can be rotated etc. (contributed by Hugo Locurcio and Jack Perkins)
  • Fewer, but better preview environments (including a white light studio environment contributed by Cory Petkovsek)
  • Added a menu option to export the whole library
  • JSON files are not garbled anymore (Hugo Locurcio)
  • In shader editor, inputs, parameters and outputs can be reordered
  • A graph tree can be shown and used to navigate the material's hierarchy
  • Graph loops are detected (again)

New features in nodes

  • Updated gradient parameters: 4 interpolation options, changes in editor widget
  • Created a new float parameter editor widget to replace the Spinbox and the HSlider
  • Updated support for randomness: button to lock random seed of a node, nodes can inherit seeds from parent groups
  • Added support for shader material (the new tesselated sphere model uses a shader, but it seems roughness does not work properly)
  • Added support for subsurface scattering texture in material
  • Added editable inputs/outputs nodes for groups
  • Updated the switch node's user interface (in edit mode, the number of choices and outputs can be modified)
  • Normal Map node now supports 3 formats (Default, DirectX, OpenGL)
  • Image node supports many additional file formats including SVG
  • Buffer node now has a LOD output and a parameter to select its LOD level

New nodes

  • Greyscale Uniform
  • Color Noise, Color Perlin Noise
  • Scratches pattern
  • Signed distance functions geometry
  • Invert, Brightness/Contrast, Quantize
  • Ambient occlusion (from height map)
  • Circle map
  • Debug (a node that can dump generated shaders to be verified and debugged in Shadertoy)

New examples

  • Medieval wall
  • Improved bricks (created by Rafe Hall)
  • Halloween (from pumpkin video)

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