Material Maker 0.96

Material Maker has been updated to 0.96, with a huge new feature (Material nodes can now be edited) and quite a few smaller improvements and new nodes. As always, please don't hesitate to report bugs and submit ideas for new features and new nodes for next releases on Github.

Thanks a lot to everyone who donated, contributed new nodes, new features or tutorials for Material Maker, suggested new features or reported bugs, or posted awesome materials and textures on the Material Maker website.

Regressions and incompatibilities

Bad news come first, as always:

  • Due to huge changes in the Material node, preview with displacement is no longer available with the Static PBR material. It will eventually be back in a future release, but if you need this feature, advanced users on our Discord server have a custom material node for you.

New features

  • Material nodes are now configurable (preview and exports), and 4 predefined material nodes are available: Static PBR, Dynamic PBR, Unlit, and Raymarching. More about this new feature in my previous devlog.
  • The painting tool can now paint normal maps directly (normal maps were calculated from depth map in previous releases).

UI improvements

  • A new File->Load Material from website menu entry had been added, that can be used to quickly open recent materials from the website in Material Maker UI. Using the site in a web browser is still the way to go if you want to search materials using keywords or tags.
  • Graph panels can now be zoomed using the mouse wheel (instead of Control+Wheel), and zoom is now centered on the mouse cursor.
  • File dialogs now have recent/favorite directory lists.
  • The About dialog has been completely redesigned and now show the list of contributors and license.

New and improved nodes

  • New Mask to SDF and Auto Tones nodes have been added(contributed by Kasper Arnklit Frandsen).
  • The Bricks node has been fixed so corner UV output has random rotation for each corner (contributed by Kasper Arnklit Frandsen).
  • Image nodes now support file path relative to the project file, so you can move projects with their dependencies.
  • A new Greyscale TEX3D node input/output type has been added.


  • Material Maker is now based on Godot 3.3.2.

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Jul 31, 2021
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