Material Maker 0.99

Material Maker has been updated to 0.99, with a bunch of new nodes and features such as jitter in painting tool and environment sharing on the website as well as many bug fixes. As always, please don't hesitate to report bugs and submit ideas for new features and new nodes for next releases on Github.

Thanks a lot to everyone who support this project on Patreon or donated here on, contributed new nodes or new features for Material Maker, suggested new features or reported bugs, or posted awesome materials and textures on the Material Maker website.


  • The 3D preview had several improvements including better parallax mapping quality, debanding applied by default and better control of scale factor to avoid decreased rendering quality (contributed by Calinou)
  • Environments can now be shared on the website.

3D model painting

  • Jitter has been added to the painting engine, so it is no longer necessary to implement it in brushes when needed. Jitter can be applied to brush position, scale, rotation and opacity.
  • Painting on seams has been slightly improved (more improvements will be added to Material Maker 1.0, but they depend on Godot 3.5).


  • A new EasySDF node has been added. It provides a simple user interface (where the scene is built as a tree of elementary primitives) to build complex Signed Distance Functions from elementary shapes. Shapes can be combined using (simple or smooth) boolean operators and can be altered using operations such as flip, mirror, elongate, bend etc. New shapes, such as tunnel and stairs have been introduced.
    The EasySDF node produces optimized shader code (compared to the code obtained by assembling nodes).
  • As all SDF related features this is mostly based on code and articles by Inigo Quilez.
    This node has a huge roadmap and will be improved in future releases.

  • Tiler and Splatter nodes now have a new custom UV output (contributed by Arnklit), and their export to HLSL based targets (Unity and Unreal game engines) have been fixed.
  • Non uniform scale nodes have been added for 2D and 3D SDF (contributed by Paulo Falcao)
  • Circle splatter nodes now have support for variations (contributed by Arnklit)
  • A new Fill to Gradient node has been added (contributed by Arnklit)
  • A new color conversion node (that between linear and sRBG) has been added (contributed by Arnklit)
  • A new 3D SDF FBM node that adds FBM noise on top of an existing SDF shape has been added (contributed by Arnklit, based on an article by Inigo Quilez)

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